I know you might think that rules suck, and that they are very unnecessary.  But please read them.  There aren't as many rules here as you may think.  But the rules are very important, and you must follow them in order to become a member.  Thank you!

01.  You must have a website to be able to put the code up.

02.  You must have a working e-mail address in order for me to send you updates.

03.  No pornography, racism, or hate websites.

04.  I prefer your real names when you join, but nicknames are acceptable.

05.  No ExPage, PageBuilder, Asian Avenue, or NeoPets websites.

06.  No sticky caps of alternating lowercase and uppercase (LiKe ThIs).

07.  No fancy typing of words (LyK DiS).

08.  No annoying midi, wav, or mp3 music files, unless they can be stopped.

09.  A few ads are fine, but if they freeze my computer you're out.

10.  No excessive swearing on your websites.

11.  Your website must be in English.

12.  A few broken images or links are fine, but a whole lot is not acceptable.

13.  Please put up the code before or after you join.  The code must be on your splash page, main page, or a cliques page at all times.

14.  Never remove the code off your websites, even when you're on hiatus.  I will be doing periodic code checks!  If I don't see the code up on your websites, I will delete you immediately.

15.  If any of your information changes, send me an e-mail immediately about the change.  If I go to your website and I can't find it or the code, I will delete you off the list.

16.  Please check the website within a week to see if you're a member.  I'll try to e-mail you back if possible to notify you that you're a member.  But I have a life too, and I do get busy!

17.  Absolutely no direct linking on this website for any of the codes!

18.  Finally, when you join, you must type "Ai Zhe Ning" where it says "Zhao Zhao" so I know that you have read the rules.