I guess you can say that I like to try many things, and enjoy a challenge.  I recognize how stressful it can get to maintain a website, let alone maintaining a clique.  But I have wanted a clique of my own since I opened my own website, but I haven't had much ideas that weren't already taken.  As I surfed through the web directories and fan listings online, I noticed that no one has created a clique on zodiac signs.  I often read the newspaper or different magazines everyday just to see my horoscope.  I know I am not the only one that does that!  I realized that I have an idea, and a good one, so I decided to create this clique.

I am hoping so much that this first attempt at creating a clique is a successful one!  I really want this to work out, because I'm planning on keeping this clique open for a long time.  So please read the rules carefully and join.  Thank you!